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My journey with Tony

I’m not gonna be bashful about it.  I’m a Tony Robbins nut.  I think he is AWESOME and I think he helps bring the best out of me.  I never listen to a Tony tape and feel bored.  I never listen to a Tony tape and feel like I just wasted my time.  I always feel better after listening to Tony. I got my wife Gina listening to the Tony’s 10 Days to Influence Mastery now and I can tell she is becoming a believer.  Gina’s ast. Manager at our small store has listened to Day 1 thru 4 of Influence Mastery already and is enjoying the process as well.  We have decided to incorporate Tony as one of our trainers.  Digitally of course (I don’t have an extra $125,000 that Tony charges per hour to work one on one with business leaders). So what we did was downloaded the Tony app on our iPad at work and have decided to schedule our girls 1 hour earlier for their next 10 shifts.  If they normally work 5 to 9 we are paying them to come in  at 4:00 and to work 4 to 9.  From 4 to 5 they will be listening to Tony’s 10 Day to Influence Mastery.  I am fully confident that the investment I’m making into my team members will pay off 10 fold.  Again I am a Tony nut, and I believe in his teachings and coaching, so I have decided to sign up to be an affiliate for him and to hopefully become a volunteer at one of his Unleash the Power Events.  Are you ready to transform your own life and enjoy this journey with me? Get 10% off a Tony Robbins product when you use my link. Namaste my friends.  


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