My name is J.R. Homer.  I am a salon owner just like yourself.  My wife and I have owned built our first salon InstaTAN  in 2002 and expanded to an second location in 2005.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR SALONS AND THIS INDUSTRY.  But 1 thing we didn't necessary love was how Franchise Salons were given better treatment than Independent Salon Owners.  So we decided to create a FAMILY of the Best Independent Salon Owners in the country called the Level FAMILY.  We have a private group where we all share HR, Management, and Marketing tips, tricks, techniques and insiders secrets so that we can take our salons to the next level and combat the franchise chains.


    Recently our group decide to use our buying power to get better discounts on Bio Beauty Lights, Zen Life Massage Chairs, Skincare Products, Bath Bombs, CBD Products and much more.


    We would love an opportunity to earn your business and bring you in as part of the Level FAMILY.  Please take a look around our site.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot us a message or DM on FB.